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Shatterproof_v5Love only cures everything in fairy tales.
A suicidal artist. A cursed fae damned to drain the lives of those he loves. And a Faustian bargain that could kill or save them both.  When love and death intertwine, both men will discover…no one’s heart is shatterproof. [Read More]

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FROM THE ASHES (Fires of Redemption #1)

Even a villain can become a hero.
One man a super-powered, sociopathic monster. The other an idealist, trying to be a hero. The secret that brings them together will be the one thing that keeps them apart—and will set the stage for a love that could save them both, or burn the world to ash. [Read More]

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Black. Gay. 17. And the only one who can stop the destruction of both this world and the next.
Asad walks the night for those who can’t, closing rifts that could swallow up his world. But when he sees himself inside one of the rifts, Asad is forced to make a choice that might change his life forever. Read this novella by Xen as well as short fiction and poetry from authors of Black speculative fiction such as Danny Lore, Sydnee Thompson, Jennifer Marie Brissett, Mame Bougouma Diene, Uche Ogbuji, Rodney Wilder, and Carole McDonnel in FIYAH Literary Magazine #3, “SUNDOWN TOWNS.”

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A Collection of Queer Horror

TheWhitesofTheirEyes6x9There are no happy endings here.
The skull of a bird. A gaping mouth. A specter that speaks with a stolen tongue. A town where everything is in mirror reverse. And a life, tied to the flicker of a candle’s flame. These four novellas and short stories — “Inverse,” “Insurrection,” “Mouth,” “Flicker” — explore the depths of horror from a queer perspective, with only one thing in common: no one is getting out alive. [Read More]

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The Crow City Series now has a new cover set – dark, sleek, and just in time for the latest book in the series. See the full series covers here.

Judging yourself? Feeling down on your writing? Over-comparing until you work yourself into a hole and can’t get out? Here are a few reminders to help you breathe and refocus.

Autum6x9AUTUMN (CROW CITY #2.75)
The latest installment in the Crow City series is here – with series favorites Walford Gallifrey and Joseph Armitage returning in a poignant story of reconciliation and newfound love in the first contemporary M/M in the Crow City Series.