Contemporary Romance & Erotica

Criminal Intentions

M/M Romantic Suspense Serial - New Full-Length Novels Releasing Every Month

The Cardigans

Season One
Episode One

Junk Shop Blues

Season One
Episode Two

The Man With the Glass Eye

Season One
Episode Three

Changing Faces

Season One
Episode Four

It's Witchcraft

Season One
Episode Five

Where There's Smoke

Season One
Episode Six

Cult of Personality

Season One
Episode Seven

Collateral Damage

Season One
Episode Eight

A Single Bright Candle's Flame

Season One
Episode Nine

Crow City

Contemporary M/F & M/M Erotica

The Lost

Crow City #1

The Fallen

Crow City #1.5

The Found

Crow City #2

The Saved

Crow City #2.5


Crow City #2.75

The Rich

Crow City #3


Contemporary M/M Romance

His Cocky Valet

Undue Arrogance #1

His Cocky Valet: After Story

Undue Arrogance #1.5

His Cocky Cellist

Undue Arrogance #2

His Cocky Prince

Undue Arrogance #3

Bayou's End

Contemporary M/F Romance

A Second Chance AT Paris

Bayou's End #1

Zero Day Exploit

Bayou's End #1.5

Third Time's the Charm

Bayou's End #2

Other Romance & Erotica

Over and Over Again


A Collection of MM Vignettes

Sometimes it Storms

The Girl With the Stars on Her Skin

Our Constellations #1-7