Contemporary Romance & Erotica

Criminal Intentions

M/M Romantic Suspense Serial - Early Access & Extras Only on Patreon

The Cardigans

Season One
Episode One

Junk Shop Blues

Season One
Episode Two

The Man With the Glass Eye

Season One
Episode Three

Crow City

Contemporary M/F & M/M Erotica

The Lost

Crow City #1

The Fallen

Crow City #1.5

The Found

Crow City #2

The Saved

Crow City #2.5


Crow City #2.75

The Rich

Crow City #3


Contemporary M/M Romance

His Cocky Valet

Undue Arrogance #1

His Cocky Cellist

Undue Arrogance #2

His Cocky Prince

Undue Arrogance #3

Bayou's End

Contemporary M/F Romance

A Second Chance AT Paris

Bayou's End #1

Zero Day Exploit

Bayou's End #1.5

Third Time's the Charm

Bayou's End #2

Other Romance & Erotica

Over and Over Again


A Collection of MM Vignettes

Sometimes it Storms

The Girl With the Stars on Her Skin

Our Constellations #1-7