Applications are now open to join the MURDER OF CROWS ARC team for Xen x Cole McCade’s upcoming release. The ARC team is email-based; if you are approved you will be added to a mailing list that receives periodic ARC distributions via your inbox. Please fill out the form thoroughly; it should be pretty quick. (P.S. Affiliation with a blog is not mandatory; don’t let that question scare you off. I’m just collating data, as they say.) Please note that the GR and Amazon profile questions ask for a link, which means the URL to your profile. If you answer this question with your email address or your name, the application will be rejected. Please include a link.

Note: Majority releases for the next 9-12 months will be MM contemporary and romantic suspense, with some FF and MF and a few ventures into horror and science fiction.

New: I’m also now on Booksprout, if you’d rather follow me there to get notifications about new ARCs and have them easily delivered directly to you.

    (The form will not take you to a new page when it’s finished. You’ll see a green box with a success message below the submit button. Please do not submit more than once.)



    A. Mostly because of Crow City, which has sorta become my signature series (for now).

    Q. What happened to the Facebook ARC group?

    A. I’m basically transitioning to email. It’s just easier for everyone involved, including ARC readers. Notifying, tracking, and distributing ARC files through Facebook is clumsy and makes it difficult for people to access files. About the only thing FB is good for is a group communication medium.

    Q. I noticed you removed the McCade’s Marauders link from the website, too.

    A. Yeah. I’m…y’all, I’m bad at Facebook. I’m never in there. So I’m just kind of letting the Marauders group quietly slip off. However – that, too, is transitioning to email. If you were/are in Marauders or you’d like to be kept up to date on things, sign up here to join my regular newsletter. This also gets you access to freebies like Criminal Intentions episode playlists, deleted scenes, and free novels and novellas.

    Q. I don’t see a genre I like in the list of preferred genres.

    A. The list is really only genres I currently write in or may write in in the future, not a comprehensive list of preferences. It’s so I can try to only send you books you’d be interested in, and not clutter your inbox with books that aren’t your thing.