Author Fan Group Takeovers

I’m happy to help marginalized authors with boosts by doing author takeovers in the McCade’s Marauders fan group. If you’d like to host a takeover event and you think the group’s readers would be interested (they’re primarily M/F and M/M contemporary readers, with some genre interests but not the majority), contact me at with the subject line “AUTHOR TAKEOVER REQUEST: Your Name.” In the email, let me know:

  1. What genre(s) you write;
  2. What book you’re promoting, and if it’s a new release (Amazon and GR links helpful);
  3. What date(s) you’d prefer (not guaranteed); and,
  4. What type of takeover you’d like to do – a giveaway, an all-day event with reader participation, etc. If a giveaway, specify what you’re giving away and if it’s open to national or international (depending on your location).

If there’s enough interest, I can also try to organize multi-author events; we’ll take that into consideration if it’s necessary.