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Cover Reveal: WINTER RAIN

Remember when I posted about the amazing SUMMER RAIN anthology for, and all the wonderful, talented authors involved? Look what showed up in my inbox today:



I am humbled to be in such awesome company with such outstanding authors.

…and I may have squealed like a schoolgirl to see my name on the cover. It…um…was a manly schoolgirl squeal. Yes. The kind of squeal only a very buff schoolgirl could manage.

Winter Rain is coming November 2014. More details when they’re available!


The Crow City Series now has a new cover set – dark, sleek, and just in time for the latest book in the series. See the full series covers here.

Judging yourself? Feeling down on your writing? Over-comparing until you work yourself into a hole and can’t get out? Here are a few reminders to help you breathe and refocus.

Autum6x9AUTUMN (CROW CITY #2.75)
The latest installment in the Crow City series is here – with series favorites Walford Gallifrey and Joseph Armitage returning in a poignant story of reconciliation and newfound love in the first contemporary M/M in the Crow City Series.

5 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: WINTER RAIN”

  1. Sheri Lynn says:

    AMAZING!!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this!!!!

  2. Angie O. says:

    Cole! I’m so thrilled for you. You are a published author! <3 I cannot wait to read this.

  3. Sam N. says:

    Yay! So awesome, Cole!! Congratulations! ♡

  4. Cristiane Karamanolis says:

    Cole, I am so happy for you and very excited about reading Winter Rain. I read an article from you once and love love love your way with words.Congratulations

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