Cover Reveal: THE LOST

Have I really not blogged in three fucking months? Goddamn.

So…this happened:


The Lost

I can’t believe this book is releasing in…well, about four and a half days. If you haven’t been around, this is THE LOST, the first of the Crow City standalone books in my Cole McCade: After Dark erotica imprint.

There’s something wrong with Leigh.

She’s known it her whole life. She knows it every time she spreads her legs. Every time she begs for the pain, the pleasure, the heat of a hard man driving deep inside. She’s a slave to her own twisted lusts–and it’s eating her alive. She loves it. She craves it. Sex is her drug, and she’s always chasing her next fix. But nothing can satisfy her addiction, not even the nameless men she uses and tosses aside. No one’s ever given her what she truly needs.

Until Gabriel Hart.

Cold. Controlled. Impenetrable. Ex-Marine Gabriel Hart isn’t the kind of man to come running when Leigh crooks her pretty little finger. She loathes him. She hungers for him. He’s the only one who understands how broken she is, and just what it takes to satisfy the emptiness inside. But Gabriel won’t settle for just one night. He wants to claim her, keep her, make her forever his. Together they are the lost, the ruined, the darkness at the heart of Crow City.

But Leigh has a darkness of her own. A predator stalking through her past–one she’ll do anything to escape.

Even if it means running from the one man who could love her…and leaving behind something more precious to her than life itself.

This book contains material that may be triggering or deeply disturbing to some readers, including scenes discussing or detailing rape, physical and emotional abuse, and incest. Please focus on self-care and, if this book is triggering to you, do not be afraid to put it down and walk away, or skip certain chapters. Be good to yourselves.

…now off to finish one last frantic proofread before formatting.


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  1. A captivating and striking cover. I love it! Release in 4 days? Really? I haven’t been this excited about a book in forever. Tick, tock…

    1. Tick, tock, breathe, panic, hyperventilate, tick, tock…

      (KIdding. I’m just really glad my formatter works quickly. How did August sneak up this fast?)

    1. <3 <3 <3 It'd be nice if WordPress made things as easy as Twitter or FB. But I have a collection of your happy GIFs at this point; I'll just imagine one here.

    1. <3 I wanted to post the full trigger warning from the front of the book, but it would be too long. I have this thing about respecting people's triggers with dark books. I've seen people say "it's just a story, get over it" when someone finds something triggering in a book they like, and I never want to be that person. I want to make sure I acknowledge that what's fun for one person may be triggering for another, and that there's nothing wrong with needing to protect yourself by walking away.

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