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I’ve been reading through the other authors’ stories this morning and I’m stunned by the talent, and so happy to be a part of something so amazing – and for such a worthy cause. I’m grateful to Audra North for inviting me to participate, and to Sarah Frantz for being an awesome editor.

My story in this anthology, Sometimes It Storms, was not easy to write. I won’t even pretend it was. It discusses something I don’t talk about publicly very often. Something men are told never to talk about; something we’re often told can never really happen to us; something that happens to far too many women and more men than we’ll ever admit; something many men perpetuate in the most horrible of ways, against women and men alike. It tore a lot out of me to reach down into these memories I’d suppressed and dredge them up as a foundation for my hero, Ethan, and for Aurelie – the woman who gives him hope that maybe he isn’t as broken as he’d thought.

I hope you take more pleasure reading Sometimes It Storms than I took in writing it. I’m not sorry I wrote it. But it hurt like hell, ripped me to pieces, and the most satisfying part was typing “The End” and feeling some sense of closure and relief when it was finally over. In some ways it was cathartic.

But I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried, putting those words on the page.

I hope they make a difference for someone.


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3 thoughts on “WINTER RAIN is here!

  1. Sometimes it Storms is a beautiful and profound story. I’m so honored to have read it. I really appreciate you giving a part of yourself to this story. <3 It made me cry too. It was lovely to see hope blossom for Ethan and Aurelie. I have a lot of love for you, my friend.

  2. I know it was inexplicably difficult to write that story, Cole, but it’s a story that I’m glad to have read and one that needed to be written. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  3. I know you hate doing blog posts, so I thought I’d come by and leave a comment. I don’t know if that just makes more work for you or… yeah. It seemed like a friendly idea at the time.

    I can assure you that your words did make a difference. And I don’t just mean me. The tears were flowing when I read this. Thank you for being courageous and honest, for giving a piece of yourself to your readers, for making a difference in people’s lives, and for just being you. “I adore you and you’re awesome.”


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